The Commencement

The year 2015 ignited their resolve to build an essential foundation for their later endeavours. Therefore, the two came together and the journey of the brand ‘Shubham and Taruni’ began.

Like every other individual
They have a dream to fulfil,
Therefore, two individuals came together
With all the creativity and experience they could gather,
Their dream was the same
To be known for their talent and have a name,
They want to do this through their apparel label
To see themselves as a part of the fashion table,
They want to move towards their goal
With their entire heart and soul,
Over time, it is more than just a dream
It became a way of life, it seems,
They began with an aim to prosper
With their tagline ‘Aspire to inspire before you expire’,
A design essence combined with simplicity
Led to the launching of ‘Shubham & Taruni’.

-‘A Dream to Fulfill’
By Taruni Goyal


‘Shubham and Taruni’ is about creating inspirational, appealing and distinctive style, quality and value transcending the boundaries of reviving tradition and infusing an epitomized edge to express individuality, versatility and functionality. To create collections that meld simplicity and fun at the same time. Therefore, their tagline ‘aspire to inspire before you expire’ became synonymous with the above statement. This facilitated their thought process and was to be the basis of their upcoming collections.