The Concept

Simplicity is the key note of all true elegance – Coco Chanel

The theme of their Summer Resort 2016 collection is ‘out of the closet’. It takes inspiration from Afghanistan. The collection signifies suppressing the age old traditions and accepting the bold look but keeping intact the essence of simplicity. It creates a myriad of distinct embroidery and enigmatic hand detailing combined with a modern silhouette. Minimalistic subdued colour chemistry merge to create alchemy. It emphasizes and evokes a sense of survival attitude and mesmerizing hidden luxury as silk is covered with linen and khadi.


concept and mood board

As mentioned earlier, while, Taruni went on to the UK to pursue a Master’s Degree in Fashion Design. Meanwhile, Shubham was exploring India, working with handloom weavers who could weave textiles using organic and eco-friendly yarns like Khadi.

Apart from this, Taruni also got the opportunity to visit and research other countries like Paris, Belgium, Amsterdam etc. After researching in various countries including India, they knew a bit about the styles that existed and the things towards which people have an eye. As a designer, the quality to be different than what is existing and to be out of the box, the style had to drift from the existent.

Being explorative and unique, the idea came to them of exploring Afghanistan which became the key factor in being part of their inspiration. The beauty just fascinated them at a glance. They first started studying a bit about the history, then about the present as well.

Under Taliban rule, from 1996, up until 2001, women were not allowed to work and were forbidden from venturing outside the home without a male escort.

Afghan women who defy traditional gender roles and speak out against the oppression of women are routinely subject to threats, intimidation and assassination. This was generally facilitated with acid attacks that led to the result of deforming the shape. Now, this practice is not followed.

Taruni Goyal and Shubham Yadav thought that the silhouette will be simple but inspired from the deformity of the shape, will give rise to various new cuts and slits. This was one of the attractive feature of their collections. This was giving a modern look to the designs.


inspiration board

Also, the water in an ocean undergoes a similar experience when it touches the rocks. The flow of water is obstructed and water takes a unique shape around the rock. This also gives a deformed shape leading to unique cuts.

To add to this, the essence of simplicity was something that we wanted to hold on to. Hence, keeping that in mind, the colour palette was quite subtle and limited. It drew inspiration from the water, ocean and the rocks around them.


colour board

The main fabric was khadi, linen and cotton to highlight the aspect of eco fashion on one hand and featuring the texture of the rocks on the other hand. These textiles were woven on order to show the colour palette and texture relating to the inspiration.

In addition, the beauty of women that is hidden under the cloth, with which they cover their face was marvellous and needs to be noted. Hence, keeping this in mind, we thought of lining the garment with a luxurious fabric to emphasize on the hidden luxury. For this purpose, the garments were lined with silk.

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.
-Napoleon Hill