In the midst of college, Taruni also had the chance to take up two, two month long internships over two years, which would round of her practical education in fashion. In 2010, after her first year in college, she got a chance to intern with Pearl Global Pvt. Ltd., a big export house, in which she was a part of the merchandising department, and got individual orders to handle from various buyers. In 2011, after her second year, she got to intern with Bora Knitwear Pvt. Ltd., the manufacturing unit of Woodland, where she was once again in the merchandising department, and got to know and be a part of the entire process, from the initial creative process, to the manufacturing stage.


As a firm believer in the power of possibilities and not in the limitations imposed upon them, they always strove to perform to the best of their capabilities. They have always felt the inner drive to push beyond their comfort zone and make their mark in every pursuit of life, no matter how small. As time passed by, they wanted to take this artform up as a career.