Amalgamation of East with West

While, Taruni was in the UK to pursue her post graduate course in fashion design and exploring international fashion. Meanwhile, Shubham was exploring India, working with handloom weavers who could weave textiles using organic and eco-friendly yarns like Khadi.

To take this process ahead, Shubham started doing some experimentations based on his research.

Textile experimentaions


Hand embroidery swatches




Trying to come up with a first trial toile


Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.’ – Rachel Zoe

All this brought a significant transformation and allowed them to bring some fresh perspective to the artistic table, alongside honing their technical skills. They were able to gain knowledge and develop their aptitude and skills at a global level.


Another Phase Of Education

Taruni went on to the UK to pursue a Post Graduate course in Fashion Design from the Nottingham Trent University. She designed Spring Summer 2015 collection there.

The theme of the collection was “Cultural Amalgamation”.
It was based on experimentation with cloth and cut, combining elements of two beautiful countries, her native land of India and the UK, to portray a mix of Indian and Western fashion cultures. Using a combination of traditional motifs such as flowers, paisleys and brocades, the textiles and garments include subtle and limited colours with touches of embroidered embellishment and laser cutting.





















Taruni would like to name a few people whose support and cooperation made this photoshoot possible. Among them, were the amazing models, Momoka (Japan), Georgina (United Kingdom) and Saloni (India) and the talented photographer, April (China). All, being from different countries were justifying the theme of the collection “Cultural Amalgamation”. Taruni would like to thank all of them.

While Taruni was in the UK to pursue this course and to explore international fashion, she got an opportunity to showcase her work at the New Designers Exhibition in London. She also got an opportunity to visit Premier Vision in Paris, attend a presentation with Trends Union in Paris and visit Dries Van Noten in Antwerp and various places in Amsterdam.

New Designers Exbition-London
Display at New Designers Exhibition in London

This picture includes the work of various people. Only, the garment on the mannequin is made by Taruni.

NTU exhibition picture1
Display at Nottingham Trent University

Career Opportunities

A strong marksheet, coupled with their portfolio, saw them through one of the top brands in India, Shantanu and Nikhil, which was a dream come true. Taruni and Shubham began there as an intern and eventually acquired the position of an assistant designer for womenswear and menswear, respectively within two months of time. Following that, seemingly reflecting their ascension, the city seemed so much more alive and full of aspirations and dreams waiting to be discovered and chased. They endeavoured to make the most of every opportunity that came their way. There, they got maximum opportunities to show their talent and got to make various designs. Over time, they were made responsible of dealing with clients, understanding their requirements and ensuring delivery of good finished products. Handling clients independently made them realise different tastes of people from various walks of life and also how to develop a design from scratch i.e. from taking an order to delivering the finished garment correctly and on time. They also got to know about the various problems that occur during the design process and also how to rectify them to some extent. Thus, they became accustomed and learned to appreciate the different abilities this field demanded. Their endeavours were appreciated and their conviction to further understand the practical aspect of fashion design was deepened.


After Shantanu and Nikhil, Taruni worked in another fashion firm named Raa Design, where she was an Assistant Designer but was alongside managing and responsible for all the works personally including designing, management, marketing of merchandise, maintaining stock inventories, fabric, accessories and dyeing challans, dealing with clients and buyers. She also used to represent the brand independently in India and abroad as the company had buyers and stores in London.

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” – Anonymous

This only strengthened their resolve in deciding that fashion is what they wanted to pursue for the rest of thier life.


In the midst of college, Taruni also had the chance to take up two, two month long internships over two years, which would round of her practical education in fashion. In 2010, after her first year in college, she got a chance to intern with Pearl Global Pvt. Ltd., a big export house, in which she was a part of the merchandising department, and got individual orders to handle from various buyers. In 2011, after her second year, she got to intern with Bora Knitwear Pvt. Ltd., the manufacturing unit of Woodland, where she was once again in the merchandising department, and got to know and be a part of the entire process, from the initial creative process, to the manufacturing stage.


As a firm believer in the power of possibilities and not in the limitations imposed upon them, they always strove to perform to the best of their capabilities. They have always felt the inner drive to push beyond their comfort zone and make their mark in every pursuit of life, no matter how small. As time passed by, they wanted to take this artform up as a career.

Fashion Education – Graduation

Graduation is only a concept. In real life every day you graduate. Graduation is a process that goes on until the last day of your life. If you can grasp that, you’ll make a difference.
-Arie Pencovici

Studying about Fashion at school level further stroked their passions for the subject, until Taruni Goyal and Shubham Yadav decided to take up fashion at the undergraduate level at Amity University, Noida and IMS-Design and Innovation Academy, Noida, respectively. This is where they discovered their penchant for fashion. Here, they got a chance to study and understand fashion at a much deeper theoretical as well as a higher practical level. In college, there were a lot of opportunities for them to demonstrate their talent in various competitions, for the big names in fashion, like Wills, Vogue, and many more. By the final semester of college, they were also supposed to make an independent collection, starting from scratch. This process included the initial creative process all the way up to execution and the completion of the finished garment.

landscape new white selectedTaruni’s Graduation Design Collection Spring Summer 2013

The theme ‘oriental bloom’ takes inspiration from ‘oriental prints’. It makes use of a colourful palette with simple silhouttes. Minimal fabrics like satin and crepe are used with detailing mainly on the neck and bust.

Fashion Education – Beginning

‘Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.’ – Gianni Versace

Fortunately Fashion Technology was available as one of the main subjects in Taruni’s High School. She often found herself contributing to the school’s fashion shows and exhibitions, and also became an executive member of the Art Club, in her last year of school. Taruni’s schooling years at Modern School Barakhamba Road and Shubham’s journey at School of Art and Fashion Technology, Dehradun were some of their most formative years, and they were instrumental in building a sound foundation for their later endeavours. Learning fashion at this level served to further ignite their interest in their field. Although, they both were science students, they often designed for their peers in their free time.


Fashion Education - Beginning


‘When I design and wonder what the point is, I think of someone having a bad time in their life. Maybe they are sad and they wake up and put on something I have made and it makes them feel just a bit better. So, in that sense, fashion is a little help in the life of a person. But only a little.’ – Miuccia Prada

As a child, Taruni Goyal and Shubham Yadav were always fascinated by the way their grandmother and mother respectively used to knit sweaters and stitch dresses for everyone in the family, which is what initially sparked their interest in the field of fashion. While it would be wrong to say that they made up their mind that very second, for they were young then, over the years, whenever they have been confronted with a choice about their ambition and dreams, they have consulted this memory and unequivocally made their decision as to what they wanted to pursue to bring that same smile on other’s faces, when others look at their creations, as their grandmother’s and mother’s creations respectively brought to theirs.

Taruni's grandmother while sewing embroidering
Taruni’s Grandmother performing Sewing Shubham’s Mother performing Embroidery